Cate Simon: historical fiction

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Courting Anna

Anna Harrison loves her life as a small-town lawyer in 1880s Montana, but since losing her fiancé tragically years before, she hasn’t been willing to open herself up to being hurt again.  Not, that is, until she allows herself a single night with an intriguing client, Jeremiah Brown, because he’s leaving town the next day and can’t threaten her cherished independence.

Jeremiah Brown, once known as notorious outlaw Tommy Slade, has been working hard to turn his life around.  Anna’s beauty and intelligence attract him as no woman ever has before, but there’s still a price on his head and he needs to keep moving.  There’s no future with her unless he can stay out of trouble until the statute of limitations has run out on his past crimes. 

 Little do either Anna or Jeremiah suspect that fate will throw them together repeatedly as, against their better judgment, they fall in love.  Can an outlaw really change his ways?  Can an independent woman become a wife without losing herself?  In the courtroom, in the wilderness, and in the face of scandal, Jeremiah’s biggest challenge is Courting Anna. 

Courting Anna is out and readers are saying: “A subtle and highly entertaining take on the traditional romantic novel” with a heroine who is “Beautiful, Brainy, Independent, and Very good at her job” and a hero who is “delectably irresistible.”

“a wonderfully original character”  “a delicious romp”  “a beautiful love story” “redolent with historical accuracy”

“Courting Anna is a special story, a wonderful romance, and, oh yes, highly recommended.”

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