Cate Simon - historical fiction


Cate Simon is a former lawyer who discovered she enjoyed storytelling far more than litigation.

She went back to graduate school for Victorian literature.  Although she loves her current job, teaching writing and speculative fiction to STEM students, she really missed the 19th century.  Having discovered, doing her dissertation research, that there were women lawyers in the United States as early as 1869, she realized she had found the perfect subject to combine her interests, and now writes historical fiction. She lives in Manhattan's East Village with her partner and perhaps too many cats.

Her first book, Courting Anna, is now available from Prairie Rose Publications.

For a look at Cate’s first encounter with 19th century female lawyers, here’s the URL for an article she published in Nineteenth Century Gender Studies, under her real name.

About Cate

  • Member, Historical Novel Society

  • Member, Sisters in Crime

  • Former Board Member, New York Nineteenth Century Society

  • PhD in 19th century Literature, Columbia University

  • JD, New York University School of Law

What’s Next?

A historical mystery set in late 1880s NYC, currently in progress

A digital map of NYC in the late 1880s, to track the characters’ progress around town!

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Photo by Sharp Teeth Photography.

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Photo courtesy of Ayzha Wolf. Taken at the New York Nineteenth Century Society’s Victorian Picnic, June 8, 2019 in Central Park. Dress by Kambriel.